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Dreambook 2 : Breathing and Dreaming is an album that threads a needle between waking life and dreams. Composing music is something that comes deep from my subconscious. It has the power and effect of expressing emotion, a thought, or a feeling that I have without words. Dreams are the same way for me. All of the song titles on this album, as well as the album title, come from snippets of dreams that I had during the same time this music was written and/or recorded, either the night before or the night after. I don’t always know what the music I compose is expressing, and I don’t always know what my dreams are telling me, but I believe they come from the same place. 

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Dreambook 1 : Breaking the Silence was born out of a collective shock and awe that the whole world experienced together in the form of a pandemic , a mass quarantine , race riots , police brutality and killings , political unrest and uncertainty and so much more that fueled and flamed these fires. As all of this seeped in to our consciousness , home life was quieted down and the process of recording Dreambook 1 and 2 included a daily meditation of waking up , going down stairs to my home studio , and hitting record. This was combined with a nightly ritual of keeping dream journals , which is where the track and album titles come from.

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One Spring Morning is an E.P. originally composed and created for the May 2021 Baumann Artsbox - a monthly subscription of curated artworks that span all mediums , poetry , dance , film , theatre , comedy , visual art , music. Each month the Artsbox employs a different theme to thread together all of the artwork. The theme for May 2021 was 'Return of the Birds.' One Spring Morning appeared in the Artsbox as a limited pressed cassette accompanied by a QR code for a digital copy.

Lullaby for a Suffering World is a song composed and recorded at the end of March, 2020. It was the beginning of the pandemic and the whole world was moving fast. Norms were changing and every day the news was shocking. Nobody knew what was going to happen in the days or weeks to come , a harsh and uncertain transitioning moment. This is a song and recording that came out one day in my practice space and captured a moment in the midst of all of this. Released in March , 2021.


The City, The Sun is an EP that consists of 4 songs/compositions recorded between 2014-2020 and released in January, 2020 digitally and as a limited run Cassette. 

Splice Sound Packs 


Composer, performer, recording, engineer

released on Sunday Supply Label. 

Record all drums and percussion, mix, engineer, released on Montage Label


Field recordist, mix, engineer

released on Sonic Collective Label.


Field Recordist, mix, engineer 

released on Splice Explores Label. 


Mix, Engineer,

released on Splice Explores Label. 

Can be heard on 


Susie Ibarra

Walking on Water


Susie Ibarra


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